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   As for the member of kidnapping victim family meeting, it is the schedule which visits America on the 24th of this month. It is visit to the North Korean human rights charge special representative who is installed it was formed on the basis of the " North Korean human rights method " in the October last year. This bill every year 2,400 ten thousand dollars is something which vis-a-vis the individual and the group for deviation from north person support in the upper limit forms the financial help of 1 hundred million dollars in 4 years. If kidnapping problem does not solve vis-a-vis North Korea it has become the contents that it prohibits the help other than humane supporting. Ever since " ニセ remains " incident of Yokota Megumi, Pyongyang? It is said information of Tokyo line broke off. You say conversely, information has started leaking from China suddenly. The height which to business it tries to convert also the information of the North Korean, kidnapping, does? The fact that core information stops entering from only China trend of the resident commercial authorized personnel and seems that is not unrelated. The Japanese investigation authorities strengthen the investigation to the slag resident commercial person in kidnapping problem. The resident commercial person seems that causes hindrance to the business in Japan. Base of the business which includes the military affair diversion goods from such a place moves to Hong Kong. The goods which until recently, were being carried with ten thousand scene peak numbers grandly by the Chinese boat with the Korean kettle mountain as a transit port to North Korea. In the future, the substantial effect of economic sanction, is thought it is greatly doubtful. The politician of the counter government activity which is kidnapped in the home country from 73 year Tokyo by the Korean information agency, the in gold large, no * ムヒョン president who is taken over from front president succeeded just solar policy simply without doubt to the north like the person the in gold large or the reserve to Japan. It is appearance of the new generation where it is not necessary to fear counter day. 2005.10.21